Swati Industries

Jumbo Bag Series

Jumbo Bag Series

Jumbo Bag Series is primarily designed considering the FIBC industry. Machine features sturdy hardware and mechanism that includes High lift shedding levers, deep stable shed, heavy warp tension attachment.


Model 4/85 6/55
No. of Weaving Heads 4 6
No. of Heald Shafts 8 8
Reed Width (mm) 85 55
Speed (rpm) 600-7002 600-700
Shedding Mechanism : Cam 125 dia, Center Guided Double Heald Frames
Take Up Mechanism : Double take up
Pressure Rollers : Nylon/PU
Catch Thread Mechanism : For Locking of Weft Yarn
Auto Stop Motion : 5 Point Fault Indicator for:·
  • Warp Breakage
  • Weft Breakage
  • Take up
  • Shedding
  • Catch Thread Breakage

  • Weft Feed : Capstan feed disk / Drum Type (as per requirement)
    Lock Bearing : On Idler Shaft
    Electromagnetic Brake : On Main Shaft
    Lubrication : Manual Lubrication Pump/Continuous Mechanical Lubrication Pump(optional)
    Drive Motor : 1.5 H.P. 3 phase